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Current as at: - 5 Jan 2004

Recommended Canberra Websites
Barron Clarke, Luthier & Guitar Teacher
ABC Canberra
The story of Canberra
Namagi National Park, A.C.T.
ACTION Bus Timetables
National Archives of Australia
The Brumbies, Canberra's Super 12 Team
The Guv, George Gregan, Australian Captain
ACT Library Service
Australian War Memorial
The National Library of Australia

Joneses of the world
The Jones Shop
Joneses of the UK - even includes a link to our humble homepage!

Sound files, Humour and PC related sites
Computer Stupids
Airline Meals
405 The Movie A large file, but a funny movie clip worth the effort to download
Aaaugh! Humor archive
Absolute Crap - No shit!
The Web 100 - webpages rated
Forward It - Funny email attachments, the virus of the internet age.
Tina's Humor Archives
PSXtreme - Playstation Cheat Codes
Visual Jokes
Stupid Movie Physics

Genseek Genealogy Homepage
Surname Searches
Australian Convicts
Descendants of Convicts Group, Inc
Gateway to Sue O'Neill's site
Tasmanian Convict List
Claim A Convict
Tasmanian Pioneer Archives

On-Line Guitar Archive guitar tab for the hard to find tune.
Power Tab
Donny Bravo Guitar Tab
Flamenco Guitar Homepage
Flamenco Guitar 2
Guitarist Midis
Classical Tab

Military and Government Agencies/Departments
Temora Shire Council
US Air Force Link - Images
ACT Library Service
Australian War Memorial
The Australian Bureau of Statistics For all you number junkies
The National Library of Australia
National Archives of Australia
Did you say satellite spy pictures? Check out the CORONA link

Non-Government Agencies
Look here for the ins and outs of that next big protest rally or march
Greenpeace Just who is looking after our world?

Newspapers & Magazines
The Canberra Times Our local fish wrapper

Free Virtual Flowers
Flowers On The Net - Sending Flowers and Gifts around Australia
Roses Only. Recommended!

7th Signal Regiment (EW)
104 Signal Squadron Vietnam
Barron Clarke
Dr Karl's Page
Buddah's Unofficial RASIGS Website

Aviation & Space Flight
Temora Aviation Museum, very highly recommended, especially their demonstration weekends
Chuck Yeager 1
Chuck Yeager 2
Al Bean's Picture Gallery
NASA Astronaut Biographies
Unoffical John Young Page
Astronaut stuff
Apollo Archives

Educational and Medical
The Hubble Telescope Newscenter
St Clare's College Homepage
MayoClinic Lots of useful info here.
Schoolfriends Australia, search for an old school or work mate
HTML 4. All you ever wanted to know.
National Air and Space Museum, part of the Smithsonian
The Smithsonian Museum
Picture Australia
Kim-Spy Intelligence and CounterIntelligence Check out who's checking you out
View your local weather. Very highly recommended.

National Parks & Tourist Venues
Broulee Beach Van Park Great place for a holiday.
Namagi National Park, A.C.T.
Booderee National Park, Jervis Bay, N.S.W.
Mariners on Mollymook, holiday apartments, Mollymook, N.S.W.
Mollymook N.S.W.

Ever wondered about our facination with "BIG" things?
Big Things 1
Big Things 2
Big Things again

Crane Wines, 'bout 2km from Captain's Paddock, South Burnett Region, Queensland
Captain's Paddock Wines, 8km north of Kingaroy, South Burnett Region, Queensland
Rimfire Wines, west of Toowoomba, Darling Downs, Queensland
Bridgeman Downs Cellars, north of Moffatdale, South Burnett Region, Queensland

The Brumbies, Super 12 Rugby Union Club
The Brumbies
The Guv

Forgotten TV Programs
The Thunderbirds on the web for all of us THUNDERBIRDS ARE GO freaks
The Addams Family
Lost in Space

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