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31st Anniversary Highland Gathering

- Brigadoon (Bundanoon N.S.W.) -

Whenever we drive to Sydney on the Hume Freeway, we always notice a sign to Bundanoon and always think to ourselves "Brigadoon!". Seems this has been going on for 31 odd years and the Bundanoonians made the Brigadoon connection long before we did - and cashed in on it, BIG time!
Decided to put in an appearance, but instead of driving, trained it instead. Most enjoyable catered dining room service it was, very highly recommended.

and the sign says -

field of dreams

tosser...caber tosser that is! egg catcher egg breaker

challenger tosser champion tosser

wannabe champion

the ride back to Canberra


In Melbourne recently for the Rod Stewart concert, Karen & Wayne even went on a ferry ride down Williamstown way...first time for everything! Also some photos from the Melbourne Motor Show in the "Need for Speed" page.