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Tulip Top Garden. Sun glasses ara a must have, even on a dull day. October.
The Brickman Experience. Lego comes to Canberra. October 2018
Floriade. The ever shrinking festival of the flower. September 2018.
Spring Bulb & Camellia Show. September 2018.
That Red Moon Thingy. July.
Balloon over Canberra. An early morning in the middle of winter. June.
LGB Walk. Autumn brings out some stunning vistas around the lake. April.
Canberra International. A photo visit to the airport and a final shoot with a favourite lens. April.
Canberra Walks 2. Various photos from various walks so far in 2018.
Canberra Walks 1. Various photos from various walks so far in 2018.
Cockington Green Gardens #1. Bound to be a #2 at some point during 2018.
The AWM and National Arboretum, Sunday 21 Jan 2018.
Roses in the Rain. Some of the locals having a shower.
Horticultural Society of Canberra's Spring Exhibition & Rose Show, November 2017.
Gibraltar Falls, Namagi National Park, A.C.T.
A quick visit to the National Bonsai and Penjing Collection at the National Arboretum Canberra, 13 October 2017.
AWM. Before the Arboretum, we managed a walkthrough of the Australian War Memorial, 13 October 2017
Tulip Tops. One of those hidden away gems, just out of Canberra.
Floriade #2. A Friday afternoon stroll amongst the tulips.
Spring Bulb and Camelia Show, by the Horticultural Society of Canberra @ Wesley Centre, National Circuit, Forrest, 16/17 September 2017.
Canberra Colours. From the backyard visitors, to the National Botanical Gardens, it's all happening this spring and we're only two weeks in.
Colours of Canberra. A selection of photos from around Canberra over the Summer/Autumn period.

Cockington Green. A pleasant morning walking the paths around Canberra's Cockington Green with Karen and Abigail.

Spring 2016. Showcasing the colours of sping around the house (+ extras).
Floriade 2016. Only the one visit to Floriade this year, with lots of rain keeping not just myself away from the display. Overall, quite disappointing.
Canberra Walks - Mt Ainslie. Those steps at the end are knee killers...
Canberra Walks - Mt Taylor. A bit of a knee killer as well, but with a fine view of southern Canberra as a great reward for the effort.
Cars as Art. A compilation of photos from various car shows (mainly in Canberra) dating back to 2007, with some of my first dSLR photos here.
Auto Italia 2016. Always a worthwhile day out. Number of people viewing have increased over the years, which is a good and bad thing.
Autumn Panoramas. Certainly some wonderful light here in Canberra during Autumn. Photos taken with whatever was at hand at the time.
Canberra Walks - Part of this series was a walk around Lake Burley Griffin, overall walking 50+ kms in stages, with some of the photos from that walk here.

2016 Canberra Balloon Festival. Day #6

Enlighten 2016.
National Bonsai Collection.
Floriade 2015
Auto Italia 2015. 29/3/15. The lawns of Old Parliament House came alive with the sound of highly tuned Vespas.
2015 Aussie Bonsai. Visited this little display of Australian native trees given the minature treatment. (with some extra Balloon Spectacular photos)
2015 Balloons 1. While waiting for the season ending triathlon to begin, I took my first photos of the Balloon Spectacular's final day.
2015 Autumn Flower Show. might have to re-name this page to "Canberra Flowers". but this was another neat road test for the new Panasonic Lumix camera.
Floriade 2014 #3 & Tulip Tops #1. 5/10/14. The crowds, the crowds!... and that was at 9.30. Moved on to Tulip Tops and worth every $ of the $14 entry fee. Shrinking Floriade should take note and introduce a $5 entry fee ASAP.
Floriade 2014 #2. 26/9/14. Blooms were certainly er, blooming.
Floriade 2014 #1. A post work walkabout through Floriade. Early days for the displays, so I expect greater colour and more plants on show in the coming days.
Blair's Zoo Photos. At the same time as those shown in Zoo #2, Blair was busy taking his own impressive photos, including ones from across the road at the Arboretum.
Zoo #2. 19 July 2014. another Tamron 150-600 roadtest.
the ADF's head honcho handover parade. Russell Offices Canberra, 30 June 14.
Sigma / Tamron Comparison, in pictures.
Booroomba Rocks & Orroral Valley bushwalk. Another roadtest for the Tamron and an extra hard workout for the knees.
Zoo Focus Tour. A photographic journey through the National Zoo & Aquarium with Irene Lorbergs, with a chance to roadtest the Tamron for the first time.
2014 Canberra Balloon Festival #2. Photos from Friday 14 March. Didn't achieve my timelapse goals this year, so maybe next time.
2014 Canberra Balloon Festival #1. Photos from Monday 10 March . You just never know who is taking 'your' photos.
Floriade 2013 #3. An 8am morning walk around Floriade for Karen & Wayne, before the gates opened (at 9am) in support of the Heart Foundation (30/9).
Floriade 2013 #2. A bit of a walk-around last Wednesday (25/9) after work for a looksee and the odd photo or three. Anyone care to join me for the next one?
Floriade 2013 #1. A bit of a walk-around last Monday (23/9) after work for a looksee and the odd photo or two.
Sunny Saturday. Finally finished sorting out the roses for another year and then grabbed a camera to see who/what I could photograph around the house.
Auto Italia 2013. 7/4/13. The lawns of Old Parliament House came alive with the sound of highly tuned Fiat 500s.
Day #7. 2013 Balloon Festival. 15/3/13. Some final footage for the time-lapse. Weather was far from ideal.
Day #5. 2013 Balloon Festival. 13/3/13. Another (early) start for the time-lapse project... even managed a couple of photos.
Day #3. 2013 Balloon Festival. 11/3/13. This was the first day of my balloon time-lapse project.
2013 Balloon Festival. Day #1 9/3/13. Perfect sky for the first day of this year's festival.
Sunset over the Brindabellas. 8/3/13. Went out looking for the comet Pan-Starrs. Failed miserably.
Enlighten. 3/3/13. Some of Canberra's iconic buildings given an outdoor light job.
2013 Royal Canberra Show. Some dogs jumpin' and blokes choppin'.
Out and about with Blair on Saturday and around the traps on Sunday 5 & 6 Jan 2013. Other photos of the day (the Shaun Mackey Life Ride) can be seen here.
Roses #2. That time of the year and the roses are bloomin'.
Floriade 2012. What more can I say... ('cept damn glad I'm not suffering from hayfever this year!) Brilliant as always.
Various2. More from around the homestead. Have included some macro images and three "Golden Hour" photos.
Various. Some autumn colour, Ralph being Ralph and those pesky windfarm turbines over near Lake George. 6 May 2012.
Shannon's Show & Shine. With a change in venue because of Canberra's wet weather, this year's show had plenty to photograph and drool over.
Sheepdog Trails. The National Trials were held at the Hall Showgrounds over the past week. These photos were taken on Sunday 18/3/12.
All Ford Day. On the lawns near Old Parliament House. Lots of Ford Freaks turned out to show, brag and take photos (of course). 18/3/12.
Canberra Balloon Festival, day 6, 15 March 2012. Thanks to the Galbraith family, my first balloon ride and my first swim in LBG, all at the same time!
Photos from around the house with the views from the front and back doors, taken in January 2012.
Canberra Balloon Festival, day 1, 10 March 2012. Blue sky, but not a lot of balloons. Launch site was changed at the last minute.


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