JoC twentyXX





*new* Lens Buying Guide - Courtesy of Kelsey

2x Recipe Cards .(.pdf 4.80mb) ....from Love Your Liver (photos by me)

Hitchikers Guide to Australia (.doc 39kb) really is the dropbears you have to look out for!

^^this is the first of a series of 18 downloadable YouTube video lectures by Marc Levoy
Parallax Error - say what? (.pdf 545kb)
Your rights as a photo taker - UK | USA | Australia (all .pdf)
Bleach Bypass Photoshop Action (.zip 2kb)
Coffee Recipes (.pdf 690kb)
*Curry Recipes (.doc 191kb)
Slow Cooker Recipes (.doc 267kb)
the Sunscreen Song (.doc 13kb)
Phographer Rates (.pdf 65kb)
Best of Sportz Fotos 2011 (.wmv 41mb)
Snowy Jones' WW2 photos (now with the AWM)

Camera Filter Cheat Sheet - .pdf (1.1mb) or .jpg (1mb) - thanks to Digital Camera World

Slow Cooker Recipies #4 - .doc ( 83kb)
Secret Chicken Recipe - .doc (25kb)
Crockpot Recipes - .doc (426kb)
Chocolate Mud Cake - .doc (25kb)
Bloody Glass Cupcakes - docx (70kb)
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